Treason Gallery, Seattle, May 2017 

Spirits never broken / create powerful waves / change is constant / it’s an energy exchange. What we put in present / echoes forward to shift / zero hesitation / when you know what it is. Dreams big believe it / sight’s long game / trust we can reach it / tomorrow is ours today.

Tomorrows was created while looking forward into the future—thinking positive and thinking about a better and brighter tomorrow. The works are based on positive statements that act as guides and insights for our tomorrows. The work is intended to capture human energy while transferring a baseline of thought to inspire, motivate, and bring good energy to wherever the paintings live.

Coming off the New York City "Code Red" exhibition, a reaction to the political shift, Bisco Smith decided to translate the energy of our turbulent times into a body of work that speaks to a better tomorrow today. 

Bisco Smith Treason GalleryBisco Smith Treason GalleryBisco Smith Treason Gallery