Treason Gallery - Seattle, June - August 2019

MORE THAN WE KNOW calls into question the systematic unity of all things unconsidered. Focusing on the impact of oftentimes overlooked interactions and circumstances, Bisco Smith examines their effect as a catalyst for life’s greater outcomes and lessons. The new body of paintings explores the potential of all our interconnected relationships, seen and unseen. 

“Lately, I’ve been dwelling on the idea that what we see is not all we know. The iceberg theory. So much of the object is unseen. There are layers to everything. Exposing the raw. Cracking the concrete. Feeling like there’s more—not saying more as in ‘get more’ — I’m saying it as in, ‘the experience is more’, as in, ‘beyond us.’ The story, the life, the earth, the nature, our relationships, our love, everything is “More Than We Know.”