Seattle, WA - Treason Gallery is pleased to announce its June/July solo exhibition, Bisco Smith “MORE THAN WE KNOW.” Opening reception will be held on Thursday, June 6th from 6pm-9pm during the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square.

Bisco Smith returns to Treason Gallery with the follow up to his successful 2017 solo exhibition, “TOMORROWS.” His highly anticipated new body of work explores the evolution of his monochromatic approach to deconstructed expressionism. Harnessing his emotional, gestural approach to composition, Smith’s work is physically and mentally connected to the visceral act of painting. Smith utilizes his understanding of space from his early years as a graffiti writer, reimagining the execution of abstract expressionist painting through his unique contemporary lens. With a resume of solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Berlin and Hong Kong, his iconic black and white works are celebrated and sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts across the world.

Smith’s process begins with an acoustic stimulus prior to painting. Using music as his muse, he approaches each canvas as unique opportunity to channel the expression of his inspiration. Stripping his compositions to their fundamental essence of motion and rhythm, Smith allows viewers to engage with his ideas unhindered by the overstimulation of colors and shading. His poetic approach to text based art and deconstructive work blurs the lines between contemporary and traditional abstraction. The works commands a focus of intention in the spaces they occupy.

Smith’s newest body of work, “MORE THAN WE KNOW,” calls into question the systematic unity of all things unconsidered. Focusing on the impact of oftentimes overlooked interactions and circumstances, he examines their effect as a catalyst for life’s greater outcomes and lessons. The new body of paintings explores the potential of all our interconnected relationships, seen and unseen.

“Lately, I’ve been dwelling on the idea that what we see is not all we know. The iceberg theory. So much of the object is unseen. There are layers to everything. Exposing the raw. Cracking the concrete. Feeling like there’s more—not saying more as in 'get more' — I’m saying it as in, 'the experience is more', as in, 'beyond us.' The story, the life, the earth, the nature, our relationships, our love, everything is “More Than We Know.” 

Join us at the opening reception on Thursday, June 6th from 6pm-9pm at TREASON Gallery located in Pioneer Square, 319 3RD AVE S, Seattle, WA 98104.

More info available: www.TREASONGALLERY.com